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What set Symphony apart from others?
European “Quick Connect” advantage:
  • Many people forget that installation costs constitute part of the overall project costs and those costs have to come from somewhere.  More often than not, those cost get passed on you - the end user.  Our connectors allow quick and easy installation and reconfiguration typically 10 times faster than traditional cam systems, saving you time and money.

  • As your business grows and requires reconfiguration, you would want to have the Symphony products.  The connectors they use can withstand repeated assembly and disassembly during reconfiguration without compromising structural integrity.

  • Connectors are pre-installed in the factory which minimizes the use of loose hardware and installation problems as a result of missing hardware.

  • Easy component replacement.  In many cases, damaged components can be replaced without the need to clean up desk or unhook computer.  This happens more often than people think.

Designed for Easy Access:
  • Our experience tells us that most workstations require access to power and data from wall outlets.  Therefore, consideration for easy access to wall outlets during planning stage is very important.  But most other products come with full back panels only and installation crews typically make on-site cut-outs with a jig saw to allow access to wall outlets.  But this process gives out harmful dust particles which remain in the environment long after the installation is complete.  Our Symphony tables come with both full modesty panel (wire access at bottom of full modesty panel) and extra high (16” from floor) raised modesty panel to allow access to most wall sockets - eliminating the need for dusty on-site cutting.  So if there is any posibility that access to wall is required now or in the future, demand raise back panels and demand Symphony products.

  • Table back panels are recess 4" from the back, further enhances accessibility to electrical and data outlets.

  • Extensive wire management features and options.
Environmentally Friendly:
  • Our environmentally friendly E1 standard melamine boards meet and exceed the current Phase 2 of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) emission standard, creating a healthier work environment and at the same time helping our planet.  Ask for E1 emission board standard for your health sake and demand Symphony products.

  • Extensive use of recycled and recyclable packaging material reduces environmental impact.

  • Most tables are shipped RTA (Ready-to-Assemble), saving on freight cost and the environment.

Built to Last:
  • Tables tops and gables are industrial grade, 25mm thick and protected by 3mm PVC edging.  Balance components are 18mm thick.  Don't settle for the flimsy 16mm (5/8") kitchen cabinet materials for your office.

  • Most post-installation damages occurred on the edges of furniture.  The thin 0.5mm thick PVC edgings on many other products would not give the protection required for long term use.  Symphony products feature 3mm heavy protective PVC edge on all exposed edges to improve durability.

  • Mobile pedestals and lateral files all come with central locking mechanism.

  • All drawers come with full extension slides, premium D-pulls and melamine drawer sides and drawer bottoms.  If you want to see manufacturers cutting corners, look for cheap drawer handles, 3/4 extension slides, paper laminated drawer sides and flimsy painted drawer bottoms.

  • All locks feature folding keys to prevent damage to key and clothes.

Design for You:
  • Distinctive contemporary styling makes use of a variety of materials and textures such as wood, glass, metal, laminate surfaces and painted surfaces.

  • The modular design concept provides unlimited design possibilities and reconfiguration flexibility.

  • Tables are all full imperial sizes, allowing workstations to be designed around your workspace.

  • Over 230 unique product configuration to choose from.

  • Custom units can be ordered to further meet your requirement.

Stock for Immediate Needs:
  • All stocked units are shipped within 48 hours.