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Do you have some helpful hints to make installation easier?
Make copies of Delivery Slips for use during installation
  • Delivery Slips contain information require for installation.  Each delivery slip contains detail listing of components that make up each product.  This is particularly true for Stocking Program products where each product comes in many packages.  Using the detail product component listing on the Delivery Slips in combination with the labels on the product cartons will make your installation a lot easier later.

Instead of opening all the cartons before assembly, open each one as it is needed
  • One common mistake for people who are not familiar with our product is to open all the cartons before assembly.  They then have a hard time trying to figure out which components belong to which product.  Instead, use the Delivery Slip as a parts list for each product to be assembled and then use the label on each carton to identify the parts required for assembly.  Open component cartons for one product at a time will make it much less confusing.  Better still, open component carton only when it is needed.

Melamine panels do not like sand, so do assembly on very clean and soft surface
  • linoleum, and a furniture component surface will like cause scratch marks and unrepairable damage to the furniture surface.  The best way to avoid this is to keep the assembly area very clean, lay a cardboard on the floor and do the assembly on top of it.