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What would damage my worksurfaces?
  • Melamine surfaces are quite scratch resistant.  However, there are many materials we use in our daily life that are harder than melamine.  Any materials harder than melamine, such as sand, rough ceramic and metal, can scratch melamine surfaces.  So avoid doing such things as placing boxes with sand particles (dirt), tool boxes, and ceramic dishes with rough bottom on worksurfaces will go a long way in preventing scratch damage to your worksurfaces.  Also avoid dragging anything heavy on worksurfaces.

  • Melamine surfaces are  water resistant, but not waterproof.  When liquid is spilled on a worksurface, quickly dry with paper towel or cloth.  Avoid letting water pool and sit for extended period of time on worksurfaces, especial under plant pots.

  • Melamine surfaces are also heat resistant, but extreme heat can still cause damage.  Avoid placing hot foor or beverage directly on worksurfaces; use coasters instead.  Boiling hot water pot will definitely cause damage.

  • With proper caution, your tables should last for years.